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I order from them since about 2 or more year, without any problems. Always correct amount, always correct stuff, as pure as i'm able to tell.

I can not really believe anyone that is writing something like "scam" or similar.
I can show you if you want 2 years of nearly almost monthly orders of which not one didnt worked like i'd liked it to.

PLUS: Why they are my favorite Vendor of all i know(actually sharing first place) is that they're working fast! And when i mean fast i mean, you order, if youre lucky and you have already paid that day, they ship it next day. There are less people in my circle on whom i can rely like i can rely on therlrc.
If youre living anywhere near the netherlands, and your lucky, DPD drives through the night to have your order puncutally where you want your order to be.

Thats just my experience with them but other things that let them stand out from others :
the sheer amount of substances they offer ,
the quality of their stock,
the quality of their shipping(Anyone that got something from them knows what i mean, i mean, c'mon if that's not neat as f4k).

What i actually love the most about them is their raw working flow which leads to problemless unbelievable fast discret delivery.

So anyone saying something about scam, pm me and i'll prove you how many transactions went to them, and how many glorious DPD mails with "Your order is almost there" in my language which always means it's in my drop that day before noon in 99% of all cases.

If anyone needs an Invite code i still have my 5 for the months. And i dare you to not order stuff with a value less than 100€, as all my invite codes i gave out to people, none of them did. I should explain - if someone who used my invite code nbuys stuff with a value 100€ or above i get 20€ promo.(Never happened yet tho...)
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