1CP-LSD trip report

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1CP-LSD trip report

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1CP-LSD trip report

Yesterday I tripped with no tolerance on 1CP-LSD:

I took 200ug at 06:30am and went to a waterpark by bus. When I arrived at the waterpark the effects were already kicking in. I went in the pool and could see green/yellow colored amazonian patterns on the ceilings, the letters on the signs at the pool where wobbling like worms and the walls started forming a pattern of words, but i couldn’t decipher the message they may wanted to communicate to me. I laid down at some bubble massage loungers and started thinking about life and the the universe, that’s when the trip started going south:

My thoughts got very primal and i got a lot of thoughts about procreation and perceived other humans in a very monkeyfied way. Almost every other person in the waterpark seemed very alien and their face looked pretty ugly (maybe because I watched the movie “They Live” the day prior). My vision started to get blurry sometimes the walls became slightly tainted in a green yellow color and I started to get jaw clenching, which was noticeably less intense than on MDMA. But the most annoying part was that I couldn’t really think straight, my memory was noticeably impaired, but the worst part was that 1CP-LSD distorted the way I was processing sound and information:

I listened to a podcast from yourmatetom3 and nothing those guys said could make any sense to me. Even my own voice sounded so far away and different. I was felt very relieved when the effects started to lessen at the 5- or 6-hour mark.

My conclusion:

1cP-LSD effects me like a very bad imposter of the real LSD, as if the chemist who synthesized that compound wants to ruin the good reputation other lysergamides established on their own. I would rate 1cP-LSD a 0/10.

Has anybody of you had similar experiences with 1cP-LSD?
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WOW Another great trip report. Thanks for the effort and all the details which are important. Im so happy to read you had a great time.

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