5F-MDMB-2201 Report. [First ever noid.]

A group of man-made organic chemical compounds that affect cannabinoid receptors.
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5F-MDMB-2201 Report. [First ever noid.]

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5F-MDMB-2201 Report. [First ever noid.]

Yeah well, before i get into my experience i just wanted to say that i would have never ever have written this if I didnt feel like I have to, there is absolutely no information about this substance which is one of the reasons my trip ended this badly. I hope this post helps whoever is reading this, because I am unexperienced and it was such a big mistake consuming this.

Now. I have recieved this substance for free in a C-Liquid for my vape, I knew this was 5F-MDMB-2201 and it wasnt sold to me as some kind of THC cartridge.

I didnt know how to dose it, ive read that 6mg/ml results in a semi-enjoyable experience but I have had totally no idea how to measure and the guy I got it from didnt know its potency, so ive started out with around 5 drops into my filled tank, There was absolutely no effect! I have then proceeded to empty half my tank and filled the free space with the very potent 5F-MDMB-2201 Liquid [My Inexperience here, was the worst failure. I guess that the content was around 25mg-ish/ml]

I have relaxed, I was listening to music and was playing my game which I've lost, In total frustration I took my vape and just went for it, I exhaled all of my air and Inhaled from my Vape, At first I didnt feel like anything happened, so I went for the second hit. While I was holding it it, everything started to fade out, my music became inaudible and wasnt what is sounded like before, my memory was the one of a goldfish.

["my memory was the one of a goldfish" this statement is weird to describe, I did remember what happened, but It felt like it was AGES ago]

Everything had some type of motion blur and I ran downstairs in full panic, everything felt slow, just like a powerpoint slide at like a rate of 4 frames per second. I kept zoning out, I stared at my grandpa which was working outside for a while and tried playing with my dog until I decided to walk back up again, around when I reached my stairs I tried guilt-tripping my brain by basically thinking about how this is just placebo and that I didnt actually have any of the substance inside of me, at this point I also just thought that this was a very vivid dream and I tried flying which failed. Once I was upstairs and I looked back at my computer screen, everything started to get normal again because the screen has probably distracted me from my surroundings, everything got back to normal after a while, but when my dad called me I zoned into the trip feeling again, I assume this happened out of panic.

Now, I did not have a timer or anything, but I think that the first part where I was downstairs feeling like a powerpoint slide lasted around 10 minutes, and the other part of it where i just slightly zoned out every once in a while lasted around 40, leaving a trip time of around 50 minutes.

Hope my little experience helps you guys stay safe, I just dont recommend you to take it at all.
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