Fentanyl still available?

A group of psychoactive substances acting depressively on the central nervous system. Opioids or others
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Fentanyl still available?

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Is it possible to buy fentanyl or an analog somewhere? Because I haven't found it anywhere.

Let me tell you that, I know a lot better ways to twist than fentek, so think again if you want to screw this shit up.
Regardless of your decision, I'll answer your question. In detail, no one sells it anymore. Maczanek on fentanyl is no longer available on the market. Every once in a while some of the larger foreign vendors still show some fentanyl analogs. Single with a price blown into space.
Nevertheless, you don't even have to look for these vendors if you don't intend to buy a quantity worth a few tiles.
Unfortunately (unfortunately) Opio is no longer available on the RC market. I do not recommend experimenting with unreliable sources because it is very easy to get to the cuckoo because you do not know what is really in it and the differences in dosages can be colossal.That : silent:
honestly it is a pity that this is how things turned out, but the past beautifully shows that 99% of the market is yes she really is immature. Opio it was awesome toys but idiots buying anything and banging on the eye, vendorzy sending example. Ülke in gratisach, badly made dipped etc. always they have the same final ;)
fact is the market RC mainly just "by" opio and Canna is now so suck
We are lucky you won't get an opio from the Vendors. And that's right, the black market is uncertain and unpredictable. Although I personally have fond memories of my first time with BUC, I will never return to opio this way. Well, unless my days and hours are counted, but it's a pharmacy and a doctor then ... God forbid.
wait, look into the magic ball ...

Effentora, 400mcg buccal tablets (Fentanyl) I take it for myself, two tabs for the first contact with opio, I prepared it after the second, I had a gravity assist.

It is generally available, and whoever seeks or is patient gets it. Don't look for fentanyl in vendors like the black market or the doctor. Best regards!
I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the debate on this topic is a bit pointless.
Opiates are dangerous shit and it's a shame to the west.
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do oyu know if the small Leaf Credo cases still available? They are a small pouch only for the back. I have lost my case and i found it very good.

I can not find it on the web germany.
Thank you.
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