My best experience ever 25E-NBOH + Amphetamine sulfate / speed - best rave combinat

Phenethylamine is an organic compound, natural monoamine alkaloid, and trace amine, which acts as a central nervous system stimulant in humans. In the brain, phenethylamine regulates monoamine neurotransmission by binding to trace amine-associated receptor 1 (TAAR1) and inhibiting vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) in monoamine neurons. To a lesser extent, it also acts as a neurotransmitter in the human central nervous system.[14] In mammals, phenethylamine is produced from the amino acid L-phenylalanine by the enzyme aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase via enzymatic decarboxylation.[15] In addition to its presence in mammals, phenethylamine is found in many other organisms and foods, such as chocolate, especially after microbial fermentation.
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My best experience ever 25E-NBOH + Amphetamine sulfate / speed - best rave combinat

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I am still a little trippy and more or less on the comedown. So I try my absolute best to explain how incredibly awesome this feels.

I never ever expected so much love that this combination gave me.

If you're someone who love to absolutely dance the fuck out of the floor this is one of the best combinations I ever had. Especially if you like a little faster music.

Music hits you in the heart. Everything was Alice in Wonderland like (typical for NBOH, expect to feel a little like Alice in Wonderland. Perspective and proportions are absolutely off). I felt a constant warmth coming out of my chest this already feels incredibly soft. Probably one of the best drug induced bodyload I ever had. But on top of that. You get those lovely waves of Euphoria thrown at you. It's like the Euphoria you get from speed but x40.

At least as good if not even better than MDMA

The NBOH gave all of this a very lovely visual aspect but not too mind-tripped as well. It was as clear as AL-LAD if not even a tad clearer.

As someone who took MDMA a bunch of God damn times and loves candyflipping, this absolutely went over what I expected.

This is like twice as good as candyflipping. Low-key worried about the serotonin that's left in my brain.

Now to the dosage before I completely forget it. 5gramma of L-citrullin to counter the vasokonstriction (pressure in your chest, eventually fells like you can't breathe) ~800ug 25E-NBOH ~200mg if not more Amphetamin snorted (tolerance)

I don't know if this combination was too stressing for my body since there is no Informations about combining NBOH with Amphetamin. And I don't know if my Dick will ever again be at least a little longer than 3cm. But I can tell you it's absolutely worth it.

Tracks that touched my heart:

100/10 can highly recommend to everyone who loves to rave and Candyflip 💓

I will eventually edit this post tomorrow to add some more Informations that I can't really explain rn. Much love -DreamingInLove
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